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S/N Name CAS No. Purity Remarks
SDASM0001 GFP16 749212-56-4 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0002 GW6340 405910-78-3 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0003 hCAII-IN-8 952306-80-8 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0004 hCAII-IN-9 2878477-18-8 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0005 CYP4Z1-IN-1 2760611-38-7 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0006 Gcase activator 2 2759897-35-1 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0007 PYZ18 1447578-01-9 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0008 HDAC-IN-57 2716217-79-5 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0009 CYP1B1-IN-4 2685779-55-7 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0010 ML024 909859-19-4 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0011 α-Glucosidase-IN-22 61434-67-1 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0012 Trk-IN-9 2758623-12-8 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0013 CWI1-2 HCl 2408590-37-2 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0014 XEP-018 936616-33-0 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0015 BMS-615 2180127-82-4 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0016 Nor NOHA monoacetate 2250019-93-1 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0017 MC-VC-PAB-MMAF 863971-17-9 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0018 rac-Vestitone 57462-46-1 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0019 Defibrotide sodium 83712-60-1 98% HNMR/HPLC
SDASM0020 HG106 928712-10-1 98% HNMR/HPLC

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Shenzhen Shengda Pharma Limited is a pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs GMP factory, Shengdapharm has GMP production base in Jiangxi and Shenzhen multifunctional pharmaceutical R&D center, GMP production base in Jiangxi production workshop can provide laboratory, pilot to industrial production for customers to provide grams, kg grade and tonnage is high quality products; Shenzhen multifunctional pharmaceutical R & D center has NMR/HPLC/LC-MS/GC-MS and other modern detection equipment to ensure the quality of products, while providing customers for the new drug / generics / customized products R&D and production. Shengdapharm with quality products integrity and pragmatic attitude good customer service has been highly recognized by the industry and a number of famous companies and become their major suppliers; Shengdapharm people want to use their own focus and professional, to provide you with high quality products and services, determined to become the world's influential Chinese pharmaceutical companies.

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